The One Thousand Project represents what is possible when we move beyond our fields of vision as artists and performers. It is where we arrive when we move out into the space beyond our own voices, and our own bodies. It is the ever-shifting, molten ephemera of the space between. It is good to be here.
— Simon Kindt, Australian Poet and Kelvin Grove College Educator and Administrator


In a word, excellent. The DTU [Drug Treatment Unit] officers reported that the session was great, and the prisoners loved it. We would welcome you back anytime.
— Stephen Bailey - Acting Principal Corrections Officer, Drug Treatment Unit (Te Araroa) – Arohata Women’s Prison, New Zealand



Home means something different to each one of us. It is a place of safety and security where we can be comfortable, and it is  also something we can open to others, inviting people inside to share with us in both tangible and intangible ways. This workshop explores the body as a home and how to invite others into this openness of safety and vulnerability — particularly through the collaboration of movement and poetry. Sometimes, for the poem to exist wholly and completely, it must take up more space than just a simple stage and mic or a page.


when ink is not enough

We all encounter those poems or pieces that don’t seem to be enough in and of themselves. So what do we do then? What happens when you've edited and edited and the piece still does not tell the necessary truth? This workshop explores the idea of combining movement, physical theatre and writing to influence, expand, and explore new corridors of creativity. Sometimes, you must take the poem outside of the page to discover what it needs to exist. 


We all find ourselves in situations that are too complicated to explain to those around us; what we think, what we need, how we feel — it can be overwhelming. Creativity can be an outlet for this, giving language to the unspeakable. We can take these difficult times and create something that expresses how we are feeling, taking bottled up, negative emotions outside of ourselves and into a more productive space. This workshop utilises creative writing, movement and performance as a method of process, creation and ultimately, healing.


further workshops available upon request