One Thousand Project


is a duo art project between Francesca Willow and Madison Mae Parker. Francesca, an artist and performer, uses Madison’s poetry as a starting point for making movement.The duo aims to create a full, experiential atmosphere for the audience, not allowing them to be passive observers, but active participants in the conversation unfolding before them. Their work touches on the darkness that lies within us all, and the strength to overcome through the power that exists within humanity. 

There’s a connective tissue with One Thousand Project between one dancer and one poet that creates a breadth of meaning which speaks to us all... It’s more than throwing the two genres together, it’s a discussion around sexuality, gender, hope, identity and how to stay open in a closed-off world... There’s an exploration of text and body happening with One Thousand Project that sits on the periphery of hope.
— Scott "Scotty Wings" Sneddon, Australian Award-Winning Physical Poetic performer, Writer, Teacher and Co-Director of Ruckus Slam